Symptoms Of A Parasite Infection

Parasite infections are very common in humans. Here are some of the telltale signs that suggest that you might have parasitic infestation:

1. Constipation is one of the most common signs and symptoms of a parasite infection among humans. Some parasites such as worms can physically block certain organs in our body because of their shapes or sizes. In some cases, due to serious worm infestation, small and narrow organs such as the intestinal tract or bile duct can be obstructed, causing difficulty in defecating.

2. Parasites in our body can cause diarrhea.  What happen is that the parasites cause our body to produce a hormone that decreases the sodium and chloride levels, which would lead to loose watery stool.

3. Bloating and stomach gas are symptoms of a parasite infection, especially if the abdominal distention persists over time. The parasites in the small intestine release gas, which cause bloating.

4. Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS happens because of the irritation of the intestinal wall caused by parasite infection. This could lead to several gastrointestinal problems including malabsorption and difficulty in eliminating body wastes.

5. Muscle and joint pain is also a sign of parasite infection.  When the joint fluid is infected, the parasites enclose themselves in the muscle tissues, which causes pain.

6. Anemia can also result from parasite infection but only from certain types of parasite. These parasites attach themselves to the lining of the intestines, draining the human body’s nutrients. If the infection is severe, the parasites can cause internal bleeding resulting in iron deficiency anemia.

7. Hypersensitivity reaction or allergic reaction can happen once the body’s immune response is activated by the parasite infection.

8. Skin disorders or conditions that are evident symptoms of a parasite infection include itchiness, rashes, swellings, sores and even ulcers. This is typical for some parasites that live outside of human body and burrow themselves in the human skin.

9. Sleep disturbance during nighttime is a particular sign that the human body tries to eliminate the toxic waste products that parasites produce. While according to some experts, it is during nighttime that certain parasites exit through the anus. Thus creating intense itchiness and discomfort during sleep.

10. Chronic fatigue, which includes listlessness, weakness, flu-like complaints and feeling of tiredness, are cause by parasite infection. They deplete the human body’s nutrients and add discomforts from the different symptoms they bring.

11. Immune dysfunction can also occur once a parasite infects persistently within the human body. The parasite could depress the host’s immune system by continuously stimulating the body’s immune response.

12. Other signs and symptoms of parasite infection include weight loss, excessive hunger or weight gain. Sometimes they can cause bad taste in your mouth or even bad stinking breath. In some cases, they can cause common diseases like asthma, epilepsy, acne and even heart disease.

If you have the above-mentioned symptoms, it does not mean that you already have some harmful parasites in your body. Prompt medical consultation is highly recommended in order to correctly diagnose your condition.

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