Keeping Parasite Alert While In The Tropics

Tropics are a beautiful place, a dream for a traveler.

But the downside is that they are often laden with a lot of deadly diseases. Therefore, if you plan on going to the Tropics any time soon, it would be best to have a thorough review of the symptoms that the local diseases have.

Malaria is one of the biggest killer parasites on the planet. It is the source of most of the deaths taking place, by disease, in Africa and the neighboring regions. The symptoms are fatal. If death does not take place immediately, it may be possible that the person survives another few days in the worst of conditions, e.g. high fever, headache, vomiting, seizures and the like. However, there are some anti-Malarial drugs available in the developed countries can help treat the disease. The best cure however is indeed not catching it in the first place. And that can be done by avoiding mosquito bites.

Chikungunya, is another disease caused by mosquitoes. Headaches, high fevers, and join pains are few of the major symptoms. There are no proper cures for this disease to date.

Similarly, Dengue is also a dangerous disease caused by a virus that spreads through mosquitoes. The seriousness of the disease can range from headaches and fever, to death. This disease also can be avoided by protecting oneself from mosquito bites.

To conclude, tropics can be a dangerous place to be, however they are still beautiful enough not to explore. Therefore, the best bet is to avoid mosquito bites at all costs by using the dozen available techniques, but on the safe hand, still know the common symptoms of the diseases.

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