Natural Defenses Of The Human Body Against Parasites

There are a lot of parasites around the world. Either they can be intracellular or intracellular parasites, either way they are dangerous and harmful for the human body if they are living in humans.

Therefore, naturally the human body has natural protections that prevent attack from many of the parasites that try to invade the body. Of course, they aren’t fool-proof, and that’s the reason why Malaria and some intestinal worms can enter the human body. But that’s quite reasonable considering the thousands of species of parasites that are present.

The first layer of protection against Parasites is the human skin itself. The human skin acts as a physical barrier between any invading parasite and the human body.  The skin is lined up with dead cells containing the protein keratin which makes skin hard and dry. As most of the parasites need water to survive, they essentially die out when there’s no water present. Similarly a chemical present in the skin “cebum” is toxic to many of the invading parasites.

The mouth and stomach also act as strong barriers for the entry of invading parasites. The mouth contains saliva and Iysozime which prevents entry of any foreign parasite successfully. Similarly, the Acidic conditions of the stomach are not suitable for most of the parasites to survive.

Lastly, the immune system is the final step taken to get rid of parasites living in humans. The immune system detects any foreign parasite or germs, and thereby activates the lymphocytes which successfully get rid of the foreign invader.

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