Types Of Parasites In Humans

Parasites are one of the types of the different feeding systems organisms possess. Parasites feed onto other animals and either stays with a body for a temporary time or a lengthy period.

Parasites in humans are common, as humans are arguably the most complex organisms living on the planet, and hence we consume as well as spend a large amount of energy.

Parasites, therefore naturally find us an attractive organism to feed on. There are a number of different organisms that feed upon humans as parasites. Micro-Organism parasites, e.g. the bacteria rely upon other organisms (known as vectors) to transmit them. The most notable of all vectors that harms humans, is indeed mosquitoes. The most notorious parasite-carrying vector which sucks blood out of humans, which in itself is not that harmful, apart from a minor itch, as they are tiny creatures and require little too live. However, they might carry diseases/parasites e.g. Malaria, Dengue etc. which can be harmful, and sometimes even fatal and deadly.

On the other hand, there are the parasites that live in humans inside the body, for example intestinal worms and the like. Or tiny creatures that feed on humans that may live inside the body or in cells therein are known as endoparasites.

To conclude, there are many parasites that live on humans, from the micro-organisms that are transmitted mainly through mosquitoes, as well as the tiny endoparasites that grow and feed inside the human body. 

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