Many Parasites Serve As Beneficial And Valuable To Humans

Intestinal Parasites
Yes, you read that right. Considered as the most gruesome and ugliest of parasites, they may actually be serving as beneficiaries for humans, at least partially. The view is that the antibodies (as the name implies, they are cells for protecting our body) become very active and over react upon inflammation of the intestines and other gut issues. However, if a parasite comes therein beforehand, it will slowly counter it, and thus will be able to prevent almost any other gut problem that happens in the future and will not overreact.

Parasites generally only harm or feed off other organisms. However, parasitoids are special parasites that actually kill and consume their prey. This fact proves helpful indeed for farmers who want to keep their crops away from the pests, as spraying the farm with DDTs or other pesticides is usually harmful for the environment, and the humans that consume the crops. However, these parasitoids covertly and effectively wipe out the pest population, without harming the environment or humans.

Almost All Parasites Protect against Allergies

In recent era, more and more people are getting affected by allergies. The main reason behind allergies is that our immune system’s job is to fend off and protect against external invaders. However, due to the sterile and sanitary conditions of the modern world, when it doesn’t find anything dangerous enough to fend off, it begins to attack harmless things for example pollen or certain types of food. However, when a parasite attacks a human, this is prevented as the antibodies and immune system is kept busy due to the parasitic attack, thereby preventing against allergies.

Symbiotic Relationships

As Furthermore, parasites actually help other plants and animals survive. While it is generally known that Parasites only harm other organisms, in some cases they mutually co-operate with the infected organism.
For example some parasites, have a symbiotic relationship with a plant. Mycorrhizal fungi reside in the roots of the plant where they consume the nutrients from the plants, while on the other hand they provide the plant with other nutrients from the surrounding soil. This phenomenon is so common that it is responsible for 90 percent of plant growth in the vascular land plants present on Earth.

Hence, it can be concretely said that parasites might actually be beneficial for humans. Apart from the allergies they help directly prevent, they also help the ecosystem and thus humans by wiping out harmful organisms.

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